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Why, Why, Why, Why, Why! 

The rhythmic cadence creating the refrain to that all too familiar song set at the top of my personal life’s playlist. Heard in surround sound, after I realize I have just talked myself out of taking even the tiniest of steps toward a newly desired adventure. Talked out of, actually implies some self conversation and thought. Most time it is more of a knee jerk response, though with little motion, and an instant, “Nope, can’t do that.” Onward and upward with life within the confines of that which I have defined as “possible,” realizing that reality is just that, and that limitations are a fact of said life. Sad, now that I have just poked it out on the keyboard.

I truly hope better for you, but I’m inclined to believe that fundamentally we are alike in many ways and that you also have more than once felt as if someone had nailed your flip flops to the hardwood floor, when considering the first step toward a desired goal. What instantly stifles us and allows us to quickly toss aside, in an almost caviler fashion, that which excited us to our core, just a nanosecond ago? And why can we, with the same nonchalant attitude, slam the lid on our box of endorphins, and carry on as if nothing has happened?

I want to believe that you and I have the answers within us and just need the proper means by which to find them. A tool that will allow us to pry up that footwear, and release us from the spot we have been confined to for far too long. Self Help is my personal effort to do just that. Provide the two of us, a means of discovering or uncovering answers that stand so close to us they fog our glasses. A simple tool embossed with the bold letters NEW PERSPECTIVE on the handle. One we can add to our Self Help Tool Box.

This is what I have to offer if you will but spend the next few hours with me. I have combed my hair and brushed my teeth, and let my wife pick out my clothes, (always a good move if I intend to leave the house). I promise to be polite and not too pushy (again, the good advice of my better half). Thanks for the invite! Are you ready? Let’s get er done.

Author: Michael R. Hopson


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