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Jabari, My friend: A Journey towards the Rastafarian and Bobo Shanti Culture

Jabari, my friend, is the story of Jabari Azenech, a young kid which became a member of the Bobo Shanti Community placed in the Tenth Mile, Bull Bay, Kingston, all the way from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, told by his best friend on the community, Jerome Clarke.
This Book portrays a delightful and engaging story that mixes customs, beliefs, faith, friendship and growth framed on the Rastafarian culture and a beautiful message of love and union you cannot miss.
Who could imagine that a sidekick could turn out to be the main character and become a hero?
That is the main issue on Jabari, My friend, presenting a journey towards the Rastafarian and Bobo Shanti Culture you will never forget.

by Allyson S Thomas (Author)


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