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Stone Sharp Vol.1

Enter the world very few people get to see. (Federal Prison Camp in the USA)
Stone Sharp a businessman gets forced to plead guilty to Conspiracy by the US Federal Attorneys Office in Oklahoma City, OK and must self-surrender to Federal Prison Camp in Dallas, Texas. As he navigates this new world, he meets lots of interesting criminals. Stone must learn how to hustle, and how to gamble to fit in. When Stone enters the encampment, he is addicted to prescription drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes plus eighty pounds overweight.
The eerie buildings for the Federal Prison Camp were used during World War II to detain Japanese Americans. What does the Prison Administration not want you to know?
What happens when a person goes to Federal Prison Camp (FCP)?
Will Stone learn how to survive and detox or will he fall victim to the harsh violence and illegal drugs in the Federal Prison Camp?
Find out in this fresh new novel by Walt White.

by Walt White (Author)


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