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Killerjoy (Origin Stories Book 1)

Lord of the Rings meets Watchmen in this debut adult fantasy about epic heroes, dangerous monsters, and the few differences in between.

Vast cities. Ruined kingdoms. And superheroes-for-hire. In the old world, they called themselves wizards and mages. Now, they're the lords of mettle, sworn to defend the dominion and its colony cities...for a price.

But as new threats of dangerous monsters and desperate armies creep the horizon, unlikely heroes may rise in the form of an outcast of the lords named Exa, who can walk through walls. And a young, troubled man named Attle, who gets recruited by a society of masked rogues.

Their plan? To oppose the lords at any cost and save the dominion from a mysterious creature that may doom them all.

by Jon Negroni (Author)


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