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Memories of Home

Lyn Kenny knows her lot in life. Treated like a slave by her parents, she’s resigned herself to coping rather than truly living. Disobeying their cruel demands is out of the question. The consequences would be too dire. She has little to bring her comfort other than a fading memory and a quilt she keeps hidden.

Jason knows he’s made mistakes, but no mistake is worth sacrificing what remains of his life until he meets Lyn, his employer’s fragile daughter. Accepting the job at Kenny’s Mechanical and Car Restoration seemed simple enough at first, but when that seemingly easy job takes a drastic turn, he comes face-to-face with a cruelty he’s never known.

It doesn’t take long for Jason to figure out a way for both he and Lyn to survive, but as their friendship grows so too do the dangers around them. Then when unexpected events expose hidden truths, he and Lyn hatch a plan to learn more details, but their plan will not be easily executed. What they discover is sure to leave scars, but not knowing could be even more dangerous.

Can a girl so damaged by those whom should have protected her and a man broken by bad choices win against all odds? Will the truth about Lyn lead them both to a better place in life?

by Julie Rogerson (Author)


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