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Secrets Of Mindfulness Meditation

Learn The Mindfulness Techniques Used By Monks

It's easy to feel distracted and scattered. No one teaches you how to quiet your mind? Mindfulness Meditation an effective way to access deep levels of relaxation and increase your concentration all at the same time.

This book will teach you the exact methods used by monks everyday to develop focus, access deep levels of relaxation and eliminate negative thinking.

Why Most Meditation Techniques Fail

The simple fact is most meditation techniques fail because the meditator can't stop the onslaught of compulsive thinking. Everyone tells you what the end result is supposed to be - slowing down your thoughts and giving your mind a much needed rest. But very few "meditation teachers" know how to actually achieve that state or worse yet, how to teach someone else to achieve it. With the simple techniques in this book, you will learn exactly how to turn off thinking on-command.

Don't Waste Years Studying Useless Techniques

It took my years of study and experimentation to discover the quickest, most powerful methods to take control of your mind. The book will teach you how to begin meditating, even if you've never tried before. With just a little practice, you'll be using your new powers of mindfulness at work, home and play. The stronger your powers of concentration, the more success you'll achieve in life.

Based on my time studying with monks and influenced by the work of Shinzen Young, Daniel Ingram and Jon Kabat-Zinn, this book teaches you everything you need to master mindfulness and meditation.

Here's just some of what you'll learn:

Develop monk-like concentration

Powerful yet easy ways of relaxing your mind and body

Learn how to access flow states anytime you need them

How to turn-off your thinking and instantly quiet your mind

Experience Zen-like wonder during everyday activities

Short-circuit negative thinking in seconds

Become more natural at work and play

Secrets of using superpowered focus on whatever you want to accomplish

Activate feel-good body sensations whenever you want

Use your distraction to develop high levels of concentration

Mindfulness Meditation can help you become happier and amp up your focus in all aspects of your life. But beware, if you don't learn the correct techniques like are taught in this book, you will likely never experience the amazing benefits of meditation.

If you're ready to learn the exact techniques used by monks to develop incredible states of concentration and happiness in the quickest possible time, then you need to read this book.

by Jack Mason (Author)


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