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There and Now: Love and Respect

Life in the 1980s can seem like a century ago for those whomever experienced it. From technology to new societal norms, much is different from only a generation ago. Like an Atari game, there were good guys, bad guys, and you felt like you just needed to survive until you got that next quarter.In There And Now, Volume 1, Eric Reese tells the story of a young man growing up in Philadelphia during a time of Saturday morning cartoons, belt-whippings, and finding your way.

The story is that of Lil E, a first person account of a young man, his family, friends, and neighbors. Most of the story is his life from elementary school through middle school. To those who didn't grow up during the time, life can seem harsh (fights, drug abuse in the neighborhood) but the character faces it all as facts of life. If someone jumps you, pick yourself up and move on. If you act up in class, your mom was called to straighten you out in front of the class.

Even in what may seem harsh circumstances, the good times will always shine through. From hanging out with friends playing music and video games, to family gatherings and school activities, Lil E looks back with fondness.

by Eric Reese


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