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To not let you know your secret, the sound of your blood is silenced, the trap has been made, and the game has been started.
((if I kneel the women's entity will be broken))
She shouted.
At the moments of your weakness, cut off your connection with the outside world, then close your eyes and your ears, and listen to the sound of your blood, your blood is talking to you saying:
Your bloods eve………
Hanna and Hilda are two sisters, they went to an adventure for saving their mother,
But their destiny became a game in hands of a girl lost her life because she loved in a cursed city had forbidden the love and the life to the women.
Was her love worth her sacrifice?
Did she choose her lover well?
That girl was fooling the two sisters to push them into an adventure to break curse had hit her.
That adventure leads the two sisters to plunge into the deep secrets of eve and discover the secret which they were trying to hide it from eve for hundreds of years……. Which is the unbeatable triad of women's power
What the secret of this triad?
how could they reach and know the triad?
What the relation between eve's blood and the triad of her power?
Eve, you blood is begging you to listen….
Please listen.

by Linda Jawish


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