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Visual Training for Tennis: Going Beyond 'Watch the Ball' (Winning Tennis Book 4) by Bill Patton

A wide ranging guide to Visual Training for Sports, specifically tennis. 28 Essays, each one with gems to help you see the ball better.

What passes for vision training in tennis is woefully inadequate, when the best anyone can offer is 'watch the ball'. Understanding vision is so much more complicated than that. Part of the reason players get stuck at a level is because they neglect training the most important sense in the game, their vision. There are few conclusive answers for any one person, but there are 28 different essays here, that should offer solutions to a wide range of the tennis playing population. You may discover why you are better on one groundstroke than the other, or with one volley ahead of another. Does it matter if you are pure dextral or cross dextral? Find out here.


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