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The Gratitude Effect: Shift your mindset, Optimize your outcomes, and Boost emotional well-being by Richard J. Cavaness

The Gratitude Effect: Shift your mindset, Optimize your outcomes, and Boost emotional well-being 
by Richard J. Cavaness

Are you leveraging the most UNDERUTILIZED TOOL for improving life satisfaction and increasing happiness? or Are you SETTLING for a life of mediocrity?

Your mindset is 100 percent responsible for the outcomes in your life. This truth will open your eyes in a brand new way and to a brand new world: Living a life of Gratitude.

In the “The Gratitude Effect” you will dramatically increase your personal wellbeing, shift your mindset, optimize your outcomes, and boost your physical and emotional well-being in life.

Author and personal development coach Rich Cavaness shows you how to:

• Have the power to determine the direction of your thoughts and your life 

• Reframe your past so you can be grateful for where you are today

• Boost physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing 

• Understand that your overall happiness is directly connected to this effect 

• Apply the seven principles of being thankful in your everyday life 

• Fend off the negative activities that prevent being grateful

Through sharing real-life stories and practical teaching points, Rich gives you the tools you need to live your life in gratitude—the catalyst for a positive mental attitude—starting now!

Rich Cavaness is a recognized trainer, teacher and coach in the field of personal development and achievement. He is a Certified Master Coach Practitioner with the Certified Coaches Federation. Rich’s diverse experience, including business ownership, self-employment, management, sales, and ministry experience, has provided him with a broad understanding of many life issues faced today. 


"OMGoodness!!! The book is WONDERFULLY INSPIRATIONAL!! I am so thankful that I have read this book. I am expecting to live my life in a more positive way from reading The Gratitude Effect and I absolutely will be buying many copies for my friends and family." Petey Parker, Co- Founder of Young Hiring Partners


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