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Takedown: A Madison Jennings Story by Taylor Ash

Takedown: A Madison Jennings Story by Taylor Ash 

The Cell believes they are hidden. Madison will prove they're wrong.

After six years in hiding Madison Jennings is trying to adjust to life in a public high school. A hard thing to do when you have to lie about your identity and keep getting into fights.

Madison's impulsive actions could expose the family's identities and get her expelled from school.

Things are not all bad, Madison has new friends, and an NSA analyst seeking redemption is helping keep her identity secret. When Madison solicits his help in gathering information about women in town who have gone missing, she discovers a pattern police are ignoring.

Before Madison can reveal her discovery, two students in her school are killed, and a friend goes missing. Madison knows it's all connected, but not one believes her. Madison must discover who took her friend before they turn up dead. But time is running out. There is more to the kidnappings than she thinks, and an enemy at school watching her every move.


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