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The Filtered Soul defines and explores the three plans of reality (mind, body and soul) and the two filters (mind and body) that play integral roles in your life. By reading this book you will garner a practical application on how to minimize the filters limitations. Additionally, you will examine the natural laws of the universe and how to use them for your benefit. You will also be given a proven, effective goal setting strategy on how to be, or have anything you desire. 
    Author David Claar
Certified DreamBuilder Coach
David is perfectly situated to help anyone transition from breakdown to breakthrough. His road to becoming a successful coach was paved with personal obstacles, misfortunes and eventual successes. I have miraculously survived alcohol abuse, but not before bankruptcy, to DUI, and motorcycle accident. I have integrated with the loss of love, and home ownership that ended with heartbreak and foreclosure. I have left a high paying job within corporate America which was unfulfilling. I discovered his passion for coaching during the arduous grieving process after the premature death of his father. I have packed what could fit into his rusty Ford Explorer and moved from Northeast Ohio to Houston, Texas. He is following his passion to transform people who are holding on to their past, who think that they are stuck in their present, and have given up on their dreams.


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