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Stratagem by Dave GF Blackwell

Stratagem by Dave GF Blackwell

At the end of 1945, counties of the world got together with a goal of bettering mankind. War and religion have become obsolete, everyone gets access to basic human needs, food, clothing, accommodation and medical. Technology and medical advances, improving the lives of everyone on the planet. 2000. Stammer Giles Medical Solutions started a trial on the Preset Implant. The implant, a tiny manipulative device could navigate around the body, repairing any damage and degradation it came across. Cuts and bruises repaired in seconds, bones fixed in minutes, Cancers and diseases cured in hours. The project failed, violently killing the trial subjects. 2004. Jacob Giles wife, Amara, lost her child and the ability to have any more children. Jacob threw himself back into the project and the Present implant error was solved and the implant tested on Jacob Giles unknown to anyone. His hearing disability was cured, his fitness and strength improved with no side effects. At the end of 2004, the project went live. 2008. Nearly every human and animal on the planet was implanted. Implantation became standard procedure. 2010. The update is uploaded which then effects every implant on the planet, sweeping the planet, turning humans and animals into destructive killing machines. The upload suddenly stops and three percent of the population of the world survives. 2026. Unbeknown to him, Jacob has been living in a virtual world since 2010. His life begins to experience changes, glitches and violent moments. At these points, he receives visits from a young girl called Marie who guides him through his own virtual hell to bring him back.


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