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My Wife , My Angel by Stephen A Adams

My Wife , My Angel by Stephen A Adams

Susan and Stephen have always been together. As children, teenagers, and adults, they could not bear to be apart. Friends, lovers, companions and soulmates, they are simply belonged together. When Susan passed away, Stephen was devastated. Inconsolable, I was lost, living in what seemed to be a gray haze.Seeing his despair, it was decided that Susan could return to him. they just should not be separated. Soon they were traveling the world, going to the places they had never seen before. Wherever they went, they either helped people, or assisted in a local situation. But they did not go by plane, boat or train. They would go to sleep in one place, and wake up in another. It was completely magical. Join them on their journey of adventure, romance, travel, and most of all, love.


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