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A Curse Of Torment (Tragic Mercy Book 1) by E. A. Owen

A Curse Of Torment (Tragic Mercy Book 1) by E. A. Owen

Can an ancient curse that has been attempting to destroy a family for a century finally be broken, or is this family doomed forever?When twelve-year-old Mary Walker’s parents are killed in a tragic car accident, her perfect world comes crashing down around her. Over the years, Mary strives to heal from the tragedy by learning to appreciate the little things in life. She soon realizes all she wants is to fall in love and be happy. But misfortune visits her again when Mary’s storybook romance is shattered by her husband's affair and the death of her only child.Mary must find the strength to rise above her grief and break an ancient family curse, before it's too late. However, when Mary discovers there is a malevolent force preventing the curse from being destroyed, she must find a way to defeat it before it silences her forever, thereby dooming her family to endless torment.

NOTE: This Book Was Previously Published As Bad Blood.


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