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Books By Ucheka Anofienem

Books By Ucheka Anofienem

Lay your hands on this book and you will have your journey to wealth and riches pleasantly reduced. Listen, the best way to fully understand the secret of genuinely successful millionaires and billionaires is to hear their story from their own mouth directly. This book is a careful harvest of the best advice ever on building enduring enterprise. What wise people do is to tactically model other successful people and replicate what they do to get the same result they get. What a golden-fortune when you hear these strategies in their own mouth aptly captured?In the simplest of terms, these world-renowned entrepreneurs and business moguls reveal their experience in their own words the strategies, methods, actions and values that brought them monumental fortune. Again, you replicate success and excel in business endeavors by standing on the shoulders of these giants. This book is the greatest concise assemblage of business advice and money-making wisdom- as told by the billionaires themselves. Buy the book and you will find treasure in it.

About Ucheka Anofienem

Ucheka has spent his entire career helping organizations with breakthrough thinking to solve problems and grow businesses. His uniquely innovative skills in business performance enhancement strategies are in high demand and is widely consulted by businesses, corporations and individuals across the world.


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