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Love & Obey: The World's Best Female Led Relationship Guide by Ms Marisa Rudder

Love & Obey: The World's Best Female Led Relationship Guide by Ms Marisa Rudder 

Take control of your relationship and make him more loving, romantic, attentive and helpful. A female led relationship will light a fire in your relationship! This brand new book is destined to be the most revolutionary, breakthrough, and fastest growing relationship guide of the next 20 years. A man will be blessed when he hears the words of his woman and he puts them into practice. This is a revolutionary approach to creating the perfect Female Led Relationship and is guaranteed to spice up any relationship or marriage. Learn how to take charge and become a leader in the world, at home and in the bedroom, as well as, fulfilling your man's deepest needs and desires. If a man wants to be your lover, he will obey your wishes and commands. Men report 97% of the time, getting more satisfaction than ever before, experiencing a loving female authority. 

Marisa Rudder provides a practical and proven way to add excitement and romance back into any relationship or marriage, helping couples to create the perfect Female Led Relationship. This type of union allows your male (even an alpha male) to be himself while completely being 100% devoted and obedient to you - as his Queen. When you become the most important aspect of his life, you unlock a hidden desire which makes him completely focused on you and your needs. No other Female Led Relationship guide on the market will make you feel as empowered and confident - boosting your self-esteem to new heights - and helping you strengthen, nurture, and create the loving relationship of your dreams.


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