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Herd to Handle (The Bride Herder Book 6) by Ginny Sterling

Herd to Handle (The Bride Herder Book 6) by Ginny Sterling 

Alice Bowen was cursed – that had to be the reason for the series of disasters that had befallen the young debutante as of late! Bold, outspoken, and outgoing- Alice was the center of attention in Baltimore, but in Bent, Colorado, her confused matchmaker was pairing the women up like prized steer. Her prospective husband didn’t need a wife, he needed a housekeeper and nanny – something she certainly had no experience with!

Colton Farmer was widowed. He was caring for his child alone, trying to keep the farm going, and now matched up with the girl of his dreams: Alice. He was smitten with the beautiful woman the moment he’d laid eyes upon her… but dealing with a woman who has no idea how to run a homestead was something he wasn’t ready for. 

Could Alice be the answer to his prayers? Or was she more than he could handle without losing his house, his mind, or his heart forever?


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