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The Ruelani Chronicles: The Chamber by Jeffrey Donohue

The Ruelani Chronicles: The Chamber by Jeffrey Donohue

A medically discharged army ranger, Kyle thought his life was set. Forcing himself to work through his injuries and relaxing in the evenings on his lonely, if beautiful acreage. He missed the army and his ranger buddies, but then life is what it is. Little did he know that the life he thought he had was about to change.

While walking a new section of his land, he discovered a mystery. Doing a little exploring he finds a chamber buried in inside a hill. It was most definitely not natural, but it also seemed harmless. He should never have gone in. Or maybe he was meant to?

In any case, he fell asleep in the chamber, and upon leaving it, he finds that the world he finds himself in isn't the same as the one he left.

Kyle soon discovers that he has awoken in a world called Ruelani. One where men are rare. Where women protect the few men that are born. Where men are little more than pets throughout most of the world. And they'd never be allowed to do anything hazardous. Like, say. join the army.

Beyond the world being different, Kyle finds that he is different. Better. In fact, he is more than human. Much more.

Luckily the nation he woke to is one of the very few that give men a bit more freedom and respect. They even have a King. And a need for a different kind of man. A man like Kyle.

And for a soldier, a ranger, this is world is shocking. Where a man is expected to be frail, weak, meek and know their place. All the things that Kyle isn't and could never be.

But then war is coming to the land. And war is something he does understand.


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