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Single and Loathing It: A Novel by Michael Dennis

Single and Loathing It: A Novel by Michael Dennis

Low-life ad executive and part-time drunk Chris Van Zandt is on an existential conquest to find love any way he can.

Single and Loathing It is a razor-sharp and intensely funny depiction of the desperate days and nights on the dating circuit as a millennial. With nothing but optimism, pharmaceuticals, copious amounts of alcohol, and an array of smartass comments to aide him in his mission, Van Zandt’s life spirals into a series of bizarre escapades, including getting catfished, dating a born-again virgin, attending an upscale orgy while on MDMA, and just about anything involving his unforgettably eccentric friend and co-worker, Greg.

Overflowing with satire, mediocre sex, and mindless drinking, Van Zandt learns the bitter reality of text etiquette, the awkward consequences of dating in the workplace, the constant hilarity of the advertising world, and even uncovers a few hidden truths about himself.

Will Chris rediscover his sense of morality and find the love of his life? Or will he stumble further down Desolation Row? Sure to appeal to anyone who has ever found him- or herself single without a clue about what they’re doing, Single and Loathing It is a laugh-out-loud odyssey that only a hardened veteran of the dating frontline could write.


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