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MERCY: A Wayfarers Story KAusgabe by Jim Yackel

MERCY: A Wayfarers Story KAusgabe by Jim Yackel

They’re at odds with the new system – or is the system at odds with them? They’re on the run from the new device and they can’t let it gain ground on them.

Blood, lightning, Artificial Intelligence, and reconstruction: these are the elements of the New World Order and the colors representing the man who’ll be at the head of it. But is he an ordinary man, or are there supernatural and AI elements at play?

Was there a book of the bible that came after Revelation but was removed during the Reformation? Does this book describe a place worse than Hell that even God and Satan fear to tread?

Powers, principalities, and rulers of dark places. Journey along with a cast of wayfarers as they pursue truth in a time of great deception. Will they overcome, or will the succumb to the supernatural, physical, and technological battles waged in the fallen U.S.A. during the End of Days.

Through it all, will these wayfarers find truth, healing, deliverance, and mercy?


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