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Remember Hope (Healing Hearts Book 2) by Ginny Sterling

Remember Hope (Healing Hearts Book 2) by Ginny Sterling

Daisy Greenwell knows what it’s like to hit rock bottom. Mentally, she climbed her way slowly back to the top after losing her legs. It seemed only natural to want to aid others once she’d learned how to help herself. Her love of people, animals, and her keen understanding of loss has pushed her to tackle her toughest client of all: a handsome ex-soldier named Ethan.

Ethan Minter lost everything in the blink of an eye. When a bomb goes off during his tour of Afghanistan, he comes home a broken man to a world he doesn’t recognize. He’s depressed, lonely, and unsure how to start over… until he meets her.

In Daisy’s eyes, Ethan finds a strength he didn’t know he had and a hope for dreams he’d once thought were long gone. Could this beautiful woman be just the breath of fresh air he needs? Could loving Daisy give him a second chance at the future he’s always wanted- or will her secret take it all away?


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