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Atlantis - Empyrean Empire: Chapter 3 by Vesa .M Lumielle

Atlantis - Empyrean Empire: Chapter 3 by Vesa .M Lumielle

Immerse yourself in ancient magical Atlantis.In the fog of war, and a dark order consolidates its power in Atlantis; this clandestine cabal has planned retaliation for a long time.Aware of the danger, a secretive priest class gathers in the capital, hosted by the Queen and her government. At the same time, the top military commander, Devon, in his search for ultimate power, discovers an ancient mystical high-tech “weapon“ that exists outside time, beyond dimensions. The wheel of time closes in, and magicians and priestesses began to trip on ancient secrets, mysteries left behind to be discovered or buried for eons. Alien technology, an interstellar Dark Pyramid ship-temple, and a love story fight for the reader’s attention in this fast-paced adventure that skirts back and forth in the characters’ lifetimes.The fate of Atlantis is in the hands of a few. Enter in the magical landscape and follow the characters while their lives turn around. When your world goes upside down, do you still stand upright.


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