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Breaking Home (The Home Trilogy Book 2) by Ami Van

Breaking Home (The Home Trilogy Book 2) by Ami Van

Life in Colt Springs, Montana is supposed to be peaceful and quiet. The love of her life, her best friend living next door, and with a business about to open, she keeps busy. Busier than her Portland life. She should have sensed it's only the calm before the storm.

He never thought life would take this turn. A turn that has him the happiest man alive with Frankie, someone he's never thought he deserved. She's amazing...everything he never even fathomed he could have.

But what happens when sins of the past catch up to this bliss in the present?

** This book is the second installment in the The Home Trilogy. It's recommended that you read the first book, Finding Home, first to follow along with the events of classic love story. **


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