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Mending the Promise by Emir Keithford

Mending the Promise by Emir Keithford

This NEW Fantasy Series Combines Mythical Grandeur With Epic Action… And It’s Seriously Addictive!

It all started a long, long time ago, when a deity known simply as Existence created the Universe, the Firstborn, the Primordial Titans, and the first humans.

Many millenia later, a young man named Andre is investigating a series of mysterious murders. They seem linked to a cult that worships Scar-li-homun, one of the fallen Firstborn… Where will the investigation take him? What horrible truths will be unveiled? Also, what is this half-demon up to?..

Emir Keithford’s novel Mending The Promise marks the beginning of a new fantasy series titled An Honorless Moon. This fanciful story of gods, demons and titans, of epic battles and all-powerful love is sure to fascinate you!


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