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BEYOND RED LINES by Pierre Rehov (Author), Andreea Lavic (Translator)

BEYOND RED LINES by Pierre Rehov  (Author), Andreea Lavic (Translator)

"Does it strike you as possible to accept a transfer representing a very substantial promotion without anyone except your immediate family knowing about it?"
By signing a contract for a new life, Theo expects anything but to find himself at the heart of a top-secret organization whose goal is to eradicate terrorism using the same methods as Daesh or Al Qaeda. But is it really because of his computer skills that he was offered this unexpected position in Mexico? Why all these mysteries about the mission that awaits him?
What was supposed to be the best opportunity of his career becomes a long descent into hell, while everything is gradually taken away from him. His family, his dignity and even his humanity.
After months of training against his own will, Theo now has only one goal: to find his wife and daughter.
The question raised by this turn page novel of unheard-of cruelty is political as well as philosophical. How far can democracies go to defend themselves against the despicable methods of Islamic terrorism? What are the red lines that should not be crossed?

"Everyone is asking the same questions: How should we respond to terrorism? Should we be afraid of it? What does it mean for our future? Pierre Rehov, by no means purports to answer all of these questions."
Amanda Schuster - European Weekly

"Pierre Rehov has written a doozy of a thriller. This is a globe-trotting novel in which suspense is everywhere and the surprises are non-stop. The intrigues keep the reader turning the pages for the next fateful encounter. The pay-offs are perfectly timed and so very satisfying."
Novelist Jack Engelhard (Author of “Indecent Proposal”)


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