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The Piketon Murders: An anthology of True Crime Kindle Edition by Ruth Kanton (Author)

The Piketon Murders: An anthology of True Crime Kindle Edition by Ruth Kanton  (Author) 

Dana Rhoden’s sister, Bobby Jo Manley, had been asked by Chris Sr. to feed his pets that morning because he and Gary wouldn’t be around. With Hannah May having given birth to daughter Kylie just five days earlier, Chris Sr. knew that Dana would have her hands full taking of their daughter and granddaughter. Bobby Jo gladly agreed, and drove over to Chris Sr.’s house sometime past 7 a.m. on April 22, 2016. When she walked into the house, she was met by a gruesome sight. The house was bloody, and the bodies of the two men were covered in a great deal of blood. Bobby Jo immediately called the police, and her call was received at 7:51 a.m. by the dispatcher. A hysterical Bobby Jo tried describing the scene, and told the 911 operator that the two men looked like they had been badly beaten. Bobby Jo provided the house address, and the operator asked her to walk outside the house and stay there. She was also asked to make sure that no one else went into the house. The shaken Bobby Jo left the house and closed the door behind her.
What she saw next was a grisly scene that would shake an entire county to its core.


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