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Children and Emotions: Manage to Know and Control your Emotions with short Exercises to Feel Calm by Marsden Melanie Jennifer

Learn How to Raise Children in an Emotionally Healthy Way - And Ensure Their LIFE-LONG Success, Happiness & Self Esteem!

"Children and Emotions: Practical & Effective Emotional Exercises for Children to Ensure Better Emotional Development - Mindfulness, Emotion Control, Behavior & Habits and More!" is a book about the importance of healthy emotional development.

This guide will teach you how to recognize your child's feelings, what they mean, and how best to respond so that they can learn from the experience. It'll show you how understanding your child's emotional needs can lead not only towards better behavior but also more happiness in life!

Throughout this book, you'll find powerful exercises for healthy emotional development for children at any age - 2 years old, 5 years old and up to 10 years old, which are custom-tailored for the exact development phase of your child!

Here's what you can expect:

• Create a positive environment for children to grow up in

• Prevent problems before they occur by teaching emotional skills early on

• Be your child's hero and increase their happiness with healthy behavior habits

• Let "Children and Emotions" show you how to create a lifetime of success, happiness, love, and esteem!

• Suitable for parents & teachers alike!

The best gift you can give to your children is to be a good parent - So don't miss those valuable years that will shape your children's identity.

"Children and Emotions" will be your north star for every situation your kids will face!


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