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Petty Kings by B.E. Scott

Petty Kings is the first book in the Petty Kingdoms Series. Twenty years after the collapse of the Empire of Amor a new generation of children come of age.


Kate, a nineteen-year-old woman, living in the poverty-stricken marshes, finds her skills of bow hunting a valuable asset to the all-male guard. As an impoverished noblewoman she has failed to secure a match in three consecutive galas, which pushes her to find a way to change her life.


Pretending to be "Karl" Kate finds her fortunes change when she meets a sixteen-year-old boy from the island Kingdom of Elnora. His blindfold raises more questions than answers and his behavior even more suspect.


In the midst of the fighting, the upcoming gala holds the promise of courtship for young members of society, including "Karl" and Lucien. But will their secrets bring them together or divide them forever?


B.E. Scott introductory tail of Petty Kings introduces an exciting expansive word filled with unique locations and every growing assortment of characters.




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