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Trusting Someone Else's Heart by Tamuri Leanne Richardson

This book is dedicated to any girl or woman who feels like her mistakes have pigeonholed her into a box. And in that box with four walls, she feels there's no way for her to get out. Or a little girl who sees a very dim future as to who she's supposed to be because someone has already decided that future for her, decided what she's going to be, and who she's going to become. Others are showing her what her future looks like. And in reading this book, I hope that my transparency, my experiences, and my failures not only make you feel much better about the road that you're traveling but much more comfortable with making mistakes. It makes you more comfortable living in them, acknowledging them, claiming them and then ultimately moving past them to become a much better version of yourself. Please allow my story to be a cautionary tale for you not to fall into the trap that I did, but if you do, how to haul ass and get out of it. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story.



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