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What Will Time Tell by Andrew Toyloy

Sentenced to a year in prison for his first offense, Sean Taylor has no idea how he will make it through the next 12 months being locked away from everything he knows, never mind how he will survive the other inmates.


With his life and prospects of continuing his education lying in tatters, Sean must find a way to deal with his situation and emerge from it as a better person.


As he navigates the dangers and threats that lurk behind every cell door, he comes to understand that there is only one way to survive and return to the loving embrace of his family. But even on his release from his incarceration he discovers that life is unlikely ever to be the same again.


It will take a new understanding of himself before Sean can ever be the person he was born to become and only time will lead him to it. His journey has just begun and time will be what it takes to show him, who he is supposed to be.


A story of hope that emerges from the ashes of despair, What Time Will Tell is a book that many will relate to and find comfort in when facing their bleakest moments.



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