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Moonlight Beach, Moonlight Canyon, Moonlight Rocks: The Moonlight Trilogy by Yurie Kiri

The Moonlight Trilogy, by Yurie Kiri.

Three incredible tales of murder, mystery, and suspense with a paranormal twist guaranteed to keep you reading well into the night…

Moonlight Beach

Rancho, California, is an exclusive, seaside hamlet in Los Angeles County, where the rich reside in peace and comfort, tucked away behind gates and protected by private security.

At least that’s how it used to be…

Rancho’s bougie residents no longer live in paradise. Now it’s more like hell. Sun, sand, and surf just aren’t that much fun when everything’s covered in blood.

Moonlight Canyon

Silver City, south of Moonlight Canyon, is known for its safe, bucolic bliss. But, lately, things have changed.

Someone, or something, is leaving half-eaten, mutilated bodies in public areas. Who or what is responsible for these gruesome attacks?

The folks in Silver City need to figure this out and fast. If something supernaturally sinister is unleashed on the town, there might not be much of a community left to save.

Moonlight Rocks

The desert east of Los Angeles can be a dangerous place. The rocky landscape is littered with meth labs run by drug gangs.

A space rock crashes to earth nearby. A group of Satan worshipers and other religious fanatics believe that the meteor heralds the birth of a new Messiah. The first person to reach that meteorite becomes the target of a deadly chase.

Death, disappearances, and mayhem ensue. What’s really going on? Is this the dawn of a new spiritual age, or just a bunch of psychos raging in the desert?

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