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The Man with the Emerald Necklace: A Great Gems Mystery by Drema Reed

"A fake emerald necklace has made its way into the hands of research specialist /newbie detective McKenna York, who got it from her Uncle Harry who got it from his wife Mildred who got it from the pocket of a man who turned up dead the same day. When Harry comes to McKenna to seek her help with the necklace and the dead man, she jumps in with both feet.


Clues found in the dead man’s pocket lead McKenna to the Greek Island of Santorini where she is confronted with a strange little man and his rich–––albeit dysfunctional–––family, a true cast of characters right out of a TV drama: a matriarch duchess, her missing sister who may or may not be a ghost, a nasty brother-in-law and his mistress, an uptight daughter, a solicitous son, and a nephew so good looking he takes McKenna’s breath away.


What started out as a lark soon turns into a treacherous game of thievery, jewelry duplication, and murder–––and now McKenna has become the target."  



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