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SQUAT A Readable Sitcom by Bo Bennett

With the help of a freakishly wise janitor, a newly-hired membership director struggles to keep a fitness center afloat while being given ridiculous tasks from an ethically-questionable owner.

Take an opinionated and all-around diverse group of fitness trainers, add a sketchy owner, a genius janitor, and throw in an endearing but largely incompetent general manager, and you have the perfect recipe for riotous, chaotic hilarity. You have Squat!

About Bo Bennett

Bo Bennett is an American screenwriter living near Boston, MA. He is also a social psychologist and author of over a dozen books. Bo was born in Connecticut where he lived until he was 21. He attended Bryant University in Rhode Island and earned his Bachelor's degree in marketing. After working in business for over 20 years, Bo returned to school to earn his master's degree in general psychology and his PhD in social psychology.



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