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Personal Growth in the Multi-Dimensional Multiverse by Frank Marcello Antonetti (Author)

The book is based on intuitive research in Multi-Dimension, Multiverse studies. What can you do with this book answers the following question? Do you want to amaze all your friends at cocktail parties with knowledge about the Golden age of math? Would you like an introduction to quantum and astrophysics physics for personal growth? Do you want to know how modern insights in the multi-Dimensional Multiverse and beyond involve you as an individual? Do you want to be - Hip on the current ban- ter of contemporary science? Do you like to be considered as - Today's man/woman accredited with having erudite conversa- tions? If you can answer Yes to all these questions - then read on!


Getting your book in front of the public is essential for any author. How can you do this without breaking the bank? Let me help you.

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