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AfterLife: There Will Be Trouble (AfterLife, 3 Book Series, PG-Rated Version 1) by E. Vince

Dive into the captivating world of "AfterLife: There Will Be Trouble," the first installment in E. Vince's thought-provoking 3-book series. This PG-rated version, Version 1, takes you on an extraordinary journey that explores the profound question of human suffering in the presence of a benevolent deity.

📚 Book 1: There Will Be Trouble

The Hill family grapples with the impending loss of Karen, the heart and soul of their dysfunctional unit. As her passing unravels their lives, witness two family members succumb to decompensating behaviors while one strives to maintain a healthy path. In Paradise, Karen encounters departed loved ones and historical figures, adding a surreal dimension to the narrative.

📚 Book 2: Making All Things New

Navigate the chaos as the dysfunctional family members face life-threatening situations, spiraling into a world of deteriorating perceptions and behaviors. Meanwhile, the one resilient family member battles external challenges to preserve their well-being. God bestows a divine quest upon Karen to aid her struggling family, weaving a thread of purpose through the tapestry of chaos.

📚 Book 3: The Redemption of God

The series reaches a crescendo as the characters grapple with colossal catastrophic events. Is holding onto God's goodness still justified in the face of such overwhelming challenges? Can those traumatized beyond measure sustain love and trust in God? Join the characters in their quest to solve the theodicy problem and discover if redemption is possible.

E. Vince's "AfterLife" series offers a unique blend of theological exploration, family drama, and supernatural encounters. Embark on a journey that challenges beliefs, explores the complexities of free will, and ultimately seeks redemption in the face of profound adversity. Get your copy now and experience a narrative that lingers in your thoughts long after the last page is turned! 📖✨



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