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Krill by em thompson

A disgraced businessman's chance encounter with an enigmatic stranger leads to a journey of political awakening and redemption. Set in a murrky world of anarchist computer hackers, sinister secret societies, the Deepnet, quantum computing and ultimately a struggle for word domination, nothing is as it seems and no one is whothey claim to be.


This political thriller left me with the most important quality of fiction. I wanted more. I wanted it to go on and not end . . . Richly detailed with colourful characters facing twists and turns, a reader will say again and again, ‘Yes, this could happen!’ A helluva satisfying and scary read.  David Schoorans Author

A vibrant and engaging read with never a moment of tedium. Each sentence pulses with energy and life, keeping the reader thoroughly engaged.   Literary Titan Five Star Book Award

I was gripped. Wow. What an amazing compelling story, dark and tender and funny, full of real living characters and politics and big ideas. Cathy Porter. Author and Russian translator.

A thought-provoking political thriller. Love Reading

Loved it! A gentle thriller, with secret organisations, revenge sabotage, cryptic ciphers, a cyber-geek revolution and a ticking doomsday clock. Reedsy Discovery



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