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LOVE ONLINE: Let`s start, if you want to find her!

Are you considering a wife from the former Soviet Union or Ukraine?
Are you already corresponding with someone from that part of the world?
If you are and you are seriously considering marrying someone from one of these countries, this book is a vital first step in helping you to arrive at the right decision.
Love Online. Let`s start. If you want to find her, is dedicated to helping you in your quest, but it is not sugar-coated. Finding someone to marry from another country is complicated by many factors and within the pages of this book we examine important factors like:
•Personal growth
•Building a long-term relationship
•Identifying your weaknesses
•Eliminating mistakes
•Real-life cases
Written by Elena Sosnovskaya, who has 9 years’ experience as a business coach, dating coach and as the head of the International Dating Agency, as well as being a certified matchmaker, Love Online is a book like no other.
With Elena’s vast experience in this field, you can be sure that she leaves no stone left unturned and nothing to chance.
So if you are serious about a wife from one of these Eastern European countries, look no further! Love Online is the only book you will need.

by Elena Sosnovskaya (Author)

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