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One Exercise Solution:: Maximum Results with Minimum Effort

One Exercise Solution

Exercise is one of the fundamental things that you should do to improve, or even just to maintain, your ability to function independently. Without exercise your chances of becoming ill increase, your life expectancy drops and even your mental fitness can be impaired.
But for so many of us the notion of exercise is complicated by many other factors, such as time constraints or motivation. Now, in this new book, written specifically for people who find consistent exercise challenging, you will find all the motivation you need.
The One Exercise Solution: Maximum Results with Minimum Effort aims to get you inspired to be more active, no matter what your reasons for avoiding exercise are. In just 10 easy to read chapters we will examine;
•How to get started with exercise
•The mind
•Making exercise easier
•How much to do
•And a whole lot more
The One Exercise Solution is your key to keeping your body moving, putting off that day, when you can no longer even get out of a chair.
You don’t have to be super-fit to start an exercise routine. All you need is the motivation to start and the will to continue with it and not give up. The One Exercise Solution is the first step in that journey.

by Bill Gallagher (Author)


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