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Unveiling a Dream

Unveiling a Dream

I have a dream: Performing live in front of thousands of people. I have been thinking about it as far back as I can remember.

The band seems to be doing well. “Merlin’s” club is packed on our gigs. I really like this, but I’m getting impatient. I want better things for me and my band.
We go on stage and we rock the club as usual. Our opening song really breaks my heart. It’s the one Emma Stinson dedicated to me, a long time ago. Emma... The one woman I ever fell in love with.
The concert is over. Applause, cheers, appreciation… But that night turns out to be much different. A record company representative is waiting for me in my dressing room. I can’t wait to hear what the outcome will be. Is my dream going to come true? Find out by reading this great romance novel.

by Urquhart Randolph (Author)


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