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What if the rules weren’t what we thought they were? What if the unimaginable knocked on your door? If the future was at the expense of the present and the past never really ended, could you learn the new rules before everything you love…is gone?

Ellie is the girl next door, just out of college, in her first apartment and pursuing a career as a professional dancer. Her life is simple and the town she lives in, idyllic. But Ellie’s world is turned upside-down when a woman appears to her in a cemetery and informs her that she is the only one who can save her — not from dying, but from ceasing to have ever existed at all! 

Ellie quickly finds out that her role is not optional. Her mind is haunted by the woman’s words, the poem on the headstone and the life of the woman to which it alludes— a prominent Victorian woman whose life holds a terrifying secret and the key to Ellie’s success. Her best friend, Scotlyn, is supportive and fully on board to help. Tyler, Scotlyn’s older brother, who has always been very protective of Ellie, steps up, as well. Trent, Scotlyn’s boyfriend, has knowledge that will help them find their way through the labyrinth that continually unfolds before them. Each step takes them closer to understanding but deeper into a world that none of them want to be in— one which threatens everything that matters to each of them. When they discover who is behind the disastrous plot and that it is being exacted by literally bending the laws of the universe, success seems impossible. If they fail, the mystery woman will cease to have existed, an entire future will be irrevocably altered, and Ellie’s life will be destroyed.

Eidolon takes you through a journey of mind and emotion, making stops in future probabilities and past existences, considering world-altering technology and winding back around to friendship, love and the power that each of us hold in this universe. The romance is entrancing in its mix of fairytale-like idealism and cold-hard realism. The paranormal is intriguing in its detail and the premise is addictive and all-consuming in its depth and possibility. A stunningly brilliant work of imagination: creativity is unsurpassed. Soul-wrenching and heart-warming, this beautiful masterpiece questions the very fabric of the universe that we have come to know through very real characters you will fall in love with! 

When the past won’t let go and the future is fading, what wouldn't you do in your present?

by Adeline Blue (Author)


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