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Moralities for Life

Moralities for Life are thoughts that roam through everyone's mind at one time or another. They are concerns everyone once has had and remained with them until they became a part of what one intrinsically is. People often contemplate and wonder about ethics, friendships, society, religion, politics, relations, romance, faith, emotions, reactions, interactions, sexuality and the like. This book encompasses those concerns and much more. It projects their sensitivities in a neutral sense that is inclusive, yet bears in mind humanity as a whole. Those moralities have transpired from observations and experiences around the world, and are presented through a logical comprehensive method. The purpose is to provide joy that emerges from a selfless vision and elation that springs from a constructive attitude toward one’s own surroundings. This new outlook would be liable to aid one with a pragmatic vision that is optimistic and has a positive affirmation.

About the Author
Dr. Elkhatib views himself as a son of this world. He lived an eventful life in numerous countries across the globe, and that made him impartially identify with everyone. Writing to him is a mere matter of inspiration that he perceives as a total blessing. The author is also a poet whose inspiration derives from a spiritual life of his own. He worked in several professions in a variety of fields. His academic education comprises of a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education, MBA, and PhD in Business Administration.


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