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How To Stop Procrastination & Get More Done

The 2017 updated version of the best selling solution to end Procrastination forever and get more done in life.

Over ten years of research lead to Alan Coulter writing the original book in 2014 which has now been updated with the latest methods for 2017. Cutting through the nonsense, this book offers a simple and easy to understand solution to beating procrastination and getting more done in life. No fancy gimmicks, just solid and actionable advice.

Some of the topics covered in this book include:

- Effective methods to become more productive in life
- 21 unique and proven methods to beat procrastination
- Procrastination at work and in your career
- Romantic partners, friends and family
- Building willpower
- Good Habits
- Time management skills for your life
and so much more!

The 2017 updated version is available now on Kindle, Paperback and Audible.

by Alan Coulter (Author)


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