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IMMORTAL! (Volume 1 and 2)

IMMORTAL! Vol. #1 Genesis After DNA is stolen from the Shroud Of Turin, a genetic manifestation of Jesus Christ is cloned in a lab. Read IMMORTAL! to find out why the world's most powerful egomaniac wants to dine on the flesh and blood of The Savior.

IMMORTAL! Vol. #2 Savior Out Of Time Joe Shaman finds an abandoned newborn baby, and raises him like a son. Little does Joe know that his stepson, Emmanuel 'Manny' Shaman, was cloned from blood that was stolen from the death shroud of Jesus Christ. Read IMMORTAL! Vol. #2 to find out how Manny Shaman leads his followers out of slavery into the land of milk and honey

by B. B. Kemp (Author)


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