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The Helix Travellers

Sylvain Arnemuiden-Dahlmaen is the immaculately beautiful female head and female warrior of an extremely old and enormously powerful family that originated in what is today Holland, but whose family history goes back to the Emperor Charlemagne in the early Middle Ages. Today their wealth and power is spread across the globe.

In this fantasy story, her spirit, her essence, has a soul mate, a spiritual lover and like the strands of the DNA Double Helix the two of them are bound together; over many centuries. They have been incarnated again and again and are destined to search for each other, with the help of Guardian Angels when their souls are in physical form.

The Second World War has just ended; during the later stages of the war Sylvain found her soul mate in this life time but they have become separated and he is lost to her.

Sylvain is in search of him with a small team including a US veteran who hunted Nazi officers and war criminals behind enemy lines before the war ended. She is threatened by the evil soul of her Mongol brother who centuries ago plotted to remove her as Queen and kill her.

by Mark A. Ashford


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