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A Journey Must Be Taken: Playlist by H.L. Howard

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As we step into December, Author H.L. Howard has witnessed a remarkable surge in the downloads of his ebook on Amazon, experiencing an impressive increase of over 1000%. Additionally, the readership of "A Journey Must Be Taken - Playlist" on KEPN has risen by a staggering 560%, reminiscent of a true viral phenomenon.

In reflecting on the current state of the world, Howard acknowledges the heightened anxiety caused by global events such as two major wars and widespread political and social unrest. Amidst these challenges, a common theme emerges - the universal resonance of love that transcends boundaries of race, gender, age, and societal norms.

Howard describes his novel as tailored for the "new age belief" audience, encompassing those who embrace psychic and spiritual energy, reincarnation, and astrology, spanning both religious and non-religious communities. A collaborative effort with Spirit via Tarot Readers, the novel unfolds as a life experience within a love relationship guided by the divine. It unfolds as a music playlist romance, chronicling the growth of a young girl from tiptoeing into the adult world to maturing emotionally, spiritually, physically, and professionally. Moreover, it serves as a narrative capturing the scars of the pandemic and a celebration of Eastern culture.

Emphasizing the age appropriateness, Howard reminds readers that the book is intended for those aged 18 and above, urging caution regarding Kindle reader settings.

Description of "A Journey Must be Taken – Playlist" by H.L. Howard:

In the vein of Colleen Hoover's "November 9" and Kelly Harms' "Wherever the Wind Takes Us," the role of fate and spiritual guidance in the tumultuous pursuit of romance is intricately woven throughout this first-in-series quest towards a happily ever after for a captivating couple.

Praise for "A Journey Must Be Taken - Playlist":

"An offbeat romance with an intriguing premise that will leave readers guessing right until the very end."

- Kirkus Review

"For readers seeking a unique and emotionally rich romance novel, 'A Journey Must Be Taken – Playlist' is a must-read. Howard's seamless integration of music into the narrative creates a powerful and immersive reading experience. Perfect for fans of Nicholas Sparks, Jojo Moyes, and other acclaimed romance authors."

- New York Weekly

"Cleverly melding tarot readings and energy with song titles that hold deeper meanings, Howard provides nuance for Tauri’s physical and emotional journey. The juxtaposition of Tauri’s experience against Libi’s perceived innocence offers readers deeper insights into the minds of both hero and author."

- Booklife Reviews

"With heartfelt confessions, heartbreaking decisions, and the undeniable pull of their desires, Tauri and Libi question whether destiny is indeed orchestrating their path toward a happily ever after."


"Hey there, bookworms, ready for a journey you won't forget? 'A Journey Must Be Taken: Playlist' is like a rollercoaster ride through love, spirituality, and the chaos of pandemic life. Meet Tauri and Libi, a duo with enough chemistry to set your e-reader on fire. Tauri's got a messy marriage, and Libi's got a heart full of dreams, and when their paths cross, it's like fate's favorite rom-com.

Why should you dive into this book? Well, because it's not just a love story – it's a wild ride of self-discovery, transformation, and the undeniable power of music to connect hearts across oceans. H.L. Howard spins a tale that'll keep you guessing at every turn, and you won't be able to resist rooting for Tauri and Libi to find their happily ever after. So, if you're a sucker for epic romances and believe in the magic of second chances, grab your headphones and get ready to jam with 'A Journey Must Be Taken: Playlist.' It's a journey worth taking!"

-- By Sue E., book reviewer from

"A Refreshing Perspective - Men in Romance. As a guy who typically enjoys romance novels and women's fiction, I must say it's incredibly refreshing to see men venturing into this genre, and 'A Journey Must Be Taken: Playlist' did not disappoint. This contemporary romance novel, interwoven with themes of spirituality and the trials of the pandemic, introduces readers to Tauri and Libi, a would-be couple whose connection transcends the conventional. The story beautifully navigates the complexities of love, ambition, and destiny, keeping you hooked from start to finish. What I found particularly intriguing was how the author cleverly used music playlists and tarot readings to accentuate the emotional journey of the characters. It's a tale that keeps you guessing about the intertwining of fate and desire, leaving you pondering the depths of their connection long after the last page is turned. 'A Journey Must Be Taken: Playlist' is a remarkable addition to the world of romance literature, and I'm excited to see more men contributing to this genre."

- Amanda K., Book reviewer at Barnes and Nobles

"A compelling read that will resonate with anyone who believes in the possibility of second chances and the magic of the human heart."

-- By Abigail L., Atlanta Public Library System

"I am a primary school teacher and cannot recommend the book to my young students since it's not a children's book, but I have shared information about your book with several colleagues and friends. I did leave a 5-star rating on GoodReads and BookBub."

-- Tonya B., an educator book reviewer

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