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How to Write Clearly

Think Before You Write

A Guide to Clear, Concise and Compelling Communication Written by an Expert on Critical Thinking
If you've ever wished you had a personal writing coach sitting by your side, this book's for you. Dr. Doug Erlandson, author of the bestselling Kindle book How to Think Clearly: A Guide to Critical Thinking offers an easy-to-understand and lively introduction to clear, well-written communication.

This book covers ALL THE ESSENTIALS of effective written communication.
Write what you know.
Identify your audience.
Use good grammar and correct spelling.
Make your point and move on.
Check for accuracy.

˃˃˃ Perfect as an Introductory Text and for Independent Study
How to Write Clearly includes extensive sections on proper punctuation, common grammatical errors and commonly confused words.

What sets this apart from other guides are the self-tests with links to all the answers.

˃˃˃ Here's How You Benefit
Whether you write books, magazine articles, social media posts, or an email, practice these writing principles. Your readers will be more engaged and eager to read what you write.


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