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The Formula of Love

This book, The Formula of Love is here to eliminate the misery from your relationships and marriages. It shows how to find that fulfilling relationship, maintain healthy relationships, and how to keep marriage going. A loving and successful marriage has long been recognized as the foundation of intimate human relationships.
The fact is that most often times relationships can change with time. Nothing can be more stressful and disheartening than discovering that communication between you and your partner are no longer as it’s used to be, that problems have surfaced, or that your relationship seems to have broken down.
With great experience as a marriage counselor, the author shares how to overcome relationship problems and create a strong, long-lasting partnership. In this highly practical report, you’ll learn and get to know the full relationship guiding principles, advice and training that will expose you on how to better understand yourself and your partner.
He also uses insightful stories to bring to life his messages and shows us how to keep the relationships in a marriage going, maintain a successful marriage, be a better wife, improve your marriage and how to restore the spirit of playfulness that is vital to loving relationships.

by Tony Dzhenkov


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