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THE EMERGENCE OF A STAR: Life History of Luis Fonsi

Very few artists have been successful at carving out a niche for themselves, but this is what Luis Fonsi, originally named Alfonso Rodríguez López-Cepero; has been able to achieve and on a global scale at that!
The Puerto Rican keeps showing the world that absolutely nothing is impossible, having begun his musical career from as early as 1998(19 years ago) and becoming more relevant as the years go by. How does he do it? What is there to know about this fast-rising legend? What’s the secret to his fame and why people can’t get enough of this handsome, talented and mind-blowing Puerto Rican?
All these, and much more, are found in this book. If you want to know anything at all about his life history, open the pages of this book, put on your headset as you listen to “Despacito” and get yourself saturated with in-depth knowledge of our own musical legend and hero!

by Alias COMOKKI 


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