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Death Penalty: To Be Or Not To Be by George Greader

Death Penalty To Be Or Not To Be ask the questions is the Death Penalty right for us? Some citizens have been demanding a change to the Death Penalty. Do Americans want the Death Penalty (DP) as a punishment for the convicted or would Life Without Parole (LWP) provide a more suitable alternative. Readings are presented on The American Courts System, Morality and Capital Offenses, The Abolitionist And Retentionist Countries, The Death Penalty Since 1976, Retentionist Countries And Methods Of Execution, The Death Penalty Reinstatement Period, The U.S And Death Penalty Statistics, Methods Of Execution in The U.S., Different Perspectives On The Use Of Capital Punishment and Cases questioning: Are They Guilty, Innocent Or Somewhere In-Between with a highlight on the Arizona The Randy Brazeal – Richard Stokley Case. International Death Penalty disclosures in Europe, Asia, China and Israel among others are presented for similarity to the United States Policies. Having spent over forth- years as a lecturing practicing scholar in the law enforcement environment, the author, an Adjunct Professor at several universities holds multiple graduate degrees in both Public Safety and Criminal Justice..


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